CAU Shelving

With an emphasis on infrastructure, Radlab collaborated with the MIT Center for Advanced Urbanism to create a new shelving system. This mini library is prominently located in the CAU’s interior storefront facing the lobby of the MIT Media Lab. The shelving system, intended for housing noteworthy publications relating to the CAU’s mission and interests, is an assembly of infrastructural components: columns, slabs, and ramps. The steel reinforced ramps complement the clear acrylic rods in bracing the slabs, while evoking a sense that the slabs are suspended in air, merely hovering above one another.

“The overall goal of the MIT Center for Advanced Urbanism (CAU) is to establish a new theoretical and applied research platform to transform the quality of urban life. The Center is committed to achieving this goal via collaborative interdisciplinary research projects, intellectual discourse, leadership forums and conferences, publications, education of a new generation of leaders in the field, and a distinctive, highly influential presence at international gatherings focused on urbanism.” –

Status: Completed, 2014
Client: MIT Center for Advanced Urbanism
Location: Cambridge, MA

Designed by MIT CAU and Radlab
Fabricated by Radlab

Project Team
Matt Trimble
Steve Listwon
Ethan Zisson
Haik Tokatlyan
Jared Friedman