Eli’s Bed

This toddler bed was commissioned with the clients’ interest in creating a unique and comfortable place for their little one to sleep. Their desire was for a bed with high walls, solid instead of slatted, low and partially open, dark and natural. Our response, in an effort to provide a framework for processing these pragmatic and aesthetic concerns, was to explore an interplay of conceptual dualities: dark and light, hard and soft, thick and thin, solid and void, analog and digital. At its core, the project is a simple expression of the convergence between overtly additive and subtractive processes, the building up of many layers of material meeting the excavation of many layers of material. The relationships registered in the final product are revealed through the juxtapositionbetween that which has been milled, and that which has not. All planar/un-milled surfaces were finished with a water based onyx stain. All milled surfaces were finished with a water based poly-acrylic.

Status: Completed, 2011
Client: Jose and Ashley Silva
Location: Cambridge, MA


Project Team
Matt Trimble
Jared Steinmark
Esko Heilner