Fort Point Channel Bench

As part of the international Street Seats Competition hosted by Design Museum Boston, Radlab looked to the natural phenomenon of ‘channeling’ as a consequence of erosion. The negative/positive relationship of that which is eroded, and that which remains, was explored as both a form instantiator and form producer. The literal channels milled into the seating surface of the bench, as a kind of compositional experiment, were intended to facilitate erosion over time.

All of the wood used for the bench was composed of reclaimed spruce joists from the Mt. Tom Paper Mill in Holyoke, MA. The mill was built in the 1880’s, and destroyed by fire in March of 2012. The bench exists as a reconfigured artifact of the building.

Status: Completed, 2013
Client: Design Museum Boston
Location: Boston, MA

Erosion Photograph Credits
Left: Kate Anderson
Middle top: Aaron Maret
Right: Jina Lee

Project Team
Matt Trimble
Jared Steinmark
Haik Tokatlyan
Bob Williamson