ICFF Wall Panels

Built in collaboration with CW Keller, this tesselated wall surface was instantiated as a statement regarding ornamental wall panel production. While a mass production paradigm would call for modular panels to create an accent or feature wall, the computer numerically controlled machines we use allow for a continuously changing form, whose subdivided components each have their own identity. The height, weight, and depth of the panel composition reveals an interesting dilemma. At what point does ornament become so substantial that the structure to which it subscribes becomes ornament itself, and vice versa?

Portions of the wall traveled to three exhibitions in 2011: NeoCon in Chicago, Il, Global Shop in Las Vegas, NV, and the International Contemporary Furniture Fair in New York, NY. The panels are currently installed at Radlab.

Status: Completed, 2011
Client: Unsolicited
Location: New York, NY

Project Team
Matt Trimble
Garett Hwang