IDEO Office Library

In response to an interest in creating an intimate library space for their Cambridge office, IDEO partnered with Radlab. A generous shelving depth and shelf to shelf height was used to enable maximum flexibility in book placement. The vertical steel structure was translated to the front edge of the shelving footprint to enable a continuous book registration against the existing wall. In addition, the two inch steel tubes provided support for the sliding ladder, which accomodated access to books on the upper shelves of the eleven foot tall shelving system. In an effort to express the white oak shelves

Status: Completed, 2013
Client: IDEO
Location: Cambridge, MA

Designed by IDEO environments designer and computer engineer, Brad Crane, in collaboration with Radlab

Radlab Team
Matt Trimble
Bob Williamson
Haik Tokatlyan
Jared Steinmark