Kaminario Headquarters

Radlab was commissioned to assist in the detailing, fabrication, assembly, and overall implementation of several pieces for Kaminario’s headquarters in Needham.  Radlab’s contribution entailed design consultation and fabrication of custom millwork, including a reception desk, workstation privacy panels, a conference table, two seating enclaves, and a suspended wood drop ceiling.  Before the fabrication process could begin, preliminary work focused on translating the designs of these pieces into fully realized digital models in order to inform and establish fabrication details.  Radlab’s late introduction to the design team challenged us to provide an expedited design consultation to realize fabrication details that reflected the design’s original intent and budget.  The fabrication strategy was also informed by the site’s limited accessibility due to the fact that Kaminario’s office sits on the sixth floor of an office building without a freight elevator.  This challenged Radlab to develop assembly strategies that allowed for unitized pieces that could be seamlessly integrated together.  In particular, the LEGO conference table and the suspended wood ceiling needed to be prefabricated in components and assembled on-site.

Status: Completed, 2016
Client: Carr Enterprises
Location: Needham, MA

Design Architect: Samuelov Studio
Architect of Record: DiMella Shaffer

Project Team
Matt Trimble
Ian Carney
Michael Bauch
Jad Ismail
Eric Rigo