Kiinde Branding

As a new, aspiring, energetic, baby products company, Kiinde invited us to collaborate with them on a variety of fronts. Our mutual interest was to create an identity that was accesible, simple, and clear. Our palette captured a short range of colors, focusing on the natural and ranging to the industrial. For Kiinde, Radlab developed the company logo, as well as a variety of product logos. We also designed and fabricated 200 brochure folders and 1000 booklets. Radlab designed Kiinde’s first website, and partnered with Fort Point Cabinetmakers to fabricate a tradeshow booth for the ABC Kids Expo 2011.

Status: Completed, 2011
Client: Kiinde, Inc
Location: Warwick, RI

Project Team
Matt Trimble
Esko Heilner
Chris Harp