One Main

As part of the team of architects responsible for design, machining protocols, and the provision of cnc-ready fabrication files, Radlab played an integral role in this office interior fit-out.

“An office refurbishment that relentlessly deploys numeric command machining of sustainable plywood to evidence the versatility and efficiency available via CAD-CAM design-build processes. The project displaces the combinatorial logic of ready-made components typical of late-industrial process for a seamless and non-standard protocol of customized fabrication. A formal aesthetic emerges from these processes , imbuing the design with a curvilinear continuity at a detail and spatial level. In a material sense, the project assumes a radical environmental agenda, using a sustainable and carbon-absorbing raw material (forested spruce), translated efficiently into refined and functional elements via dexterous low-energy digital tooling. The project essentially comprises two planes – the floor and ceiling, both of which are articulated as continuous surfaces inflected by function. The curvilinearity expresses both the digital genesis and the seamless fabrication logic, with the architect providing actual machining files to the fabricator.” – dECOi Architects

Status: Completed, 2010
Client: Undisclosed
Location: Cambridge, MA

Project Team

dECOi Architects
Mark Goulthorpe (Lead)
Raphael Crespin (Project Architect)
Gabriel Blue Cira
Matt Trimble
Priyanka Shah
Dr Alex Scott (Maths panels)

Gensler Architects, Boston (Signatory Architect)
Pablo Garcia (Gensler Project Architect)
Helen Heitman (Gensler Principal)

Paul Jacobson (General Contractor)

Shawn Keller (Millwork)

Brian Stacy (Lighting)