Panelization Research

This ongoing research project is focused on the limitations and opportunities embedded in the process of describing non developable surfaces with planar facets. Two strands of thought have been pursued. On the one hand, the research strives to create flexible systems, collections of parts, that can be configured into a variety of forms and structures. In this case, rotating joints in conjunction with an array of clipping locations, allow for a variety of assemblies to be described. On the other hand, the research focuses squarely at representing a specific assembly, aiming to achieve a particular resolution of construction in an elegant and minimalist fashion. In both instances, a digitally generated compound curved surface serves as input, and a faceted surface, or volumetric module, becomes the physical manifestation. For this project, like many of our in house research projects, the process and the technique is the destination. In an effort to constantly strive to provide our clients and partners with the best knowledge and resources possible for solving difficult design and fabrication problems, we find that these investments in applied research are invaluable.

Status: Completed, 2011
Client: Unsolicited
Location: Boston, MA

Project Team
Matt Trimble
Garett Hwang
Esko Heilner