Pro Opt v1.0 Programming Application

Radlab developed an application that would automate and streamline the previously manual process of laying out program during the early stages of schematic design. Written in Processing, Pro_Opt converts data from an excel chart into scaled, diagrammatic circles that can be repositioned on a pre-loaded floor plan background. Adjacency relationships and categories of program defined in the excel chart are graphically represented through color, connecting lines, and line weights on the screen. To create a more precise layout, program pieces can be also be represented as rectangles or triangles and manipulated/stretched by control points to fit together like puzzle pieces. At any time, the user has the option to export the current layout as a pdf for presentations, or a dxf to be imported into CAD. The applet also provides the option of saving layouts as txt files, which can be reloaded for future programming sessions.

Status: Completed, 2010
Client: Shepley Bulfinch
Location: Boston, MA

Project Team
Garett Hwang
Ari Kardasis
Matt Trimble