Diverting from a typical technology showroom, OneVision Resources contacted Radlab with the objective of creating a demonstration tool for their clients, which they call their Technology Experience and Collaboration Hub. Driven to showcase not only products, but to illustrate how varying technologies work together as part of smart-home integration systems, we created a demonstration wall composed of two free-standing moveable units that appear nearly as familiar as cabinetry in one’s home. While the formal similarity enables our client’s customers to envision how the technologies may appear in their home, front and rear-access cabinetry displays not only the visible portions of the technologies but also offers a view into the installation thereof. The front infill panels are designed to be removable and replaceable to allow different product arrangements, while sliding bypass doors  ensure that portions of the wall can be shown or hidden from view.  Surface milled textures shape the solid walnut cabinet faces to enhance the horizontality of the grain and visually unify the composition of cabinets.

Status: Completed, 2015
Client: OneVision Resources
Location: Boston, MA

Project Team
Matt Trimble
Ian Carney
Amanda Lee